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ADAS Calibration Bixby | 6 Things that can Easily Interfere

In February 16, 2022

ADAS Calibration Bixby: What You Need to Know

Long hours on the road are challenging. Accidents, collisions, and minor fender benders often lead to severe damage. But fret not! We have the perfect remedy to warn and save you on the road. Don’t know what? Read the article to find out about ADAS calibration Bixby.

A new vehicle is equipped with many safety features such as adaptive cruise control, automated parking, backup cameras, collision avoidance, lane assist, and more. These safety features require proper calibration of cameras and sensors in your vehicle to function properly.

These cameras and sensors are the key components of the Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) of your vehicle. When you repair or replace your windshield, the ADAS system must be recalibrated to check your safety features work efficiently on the road.

Advanced Driver Assistance System is the new technology in the automobile industry, and there are many advantages associated with the system. In this article, we explain what you need to know about the ADAS system, why it is important for you to calibrate your ADAS calibration Bixby, and how the calibration of the ADAS system protects your vehicle.

What Can Interfere with The Functionality of ADAS?

Several factors can throw off the alignment and functionality of the ADAS system such as

  • Alignment of wheels
  • Installation of new wheels
  • Installation of aftermarket accessories
  • Repair or replacement of the windshield
  • Flashing ADAS lights
  • Minor fender benders/accidents

All of the above-mentioned factors can interfere with the alignment and functionality of the ADAS cameras and sensors within your vehicles. Here is how it works:

For instance, if you have a cracked windshield, then you are required to either repair or replace the windshield as per your situation. In this case, you need to recalibrate your rain sensors as well as the heads-up display.

Now, suppose your vehicle is side-swept, then you are required to recalibrate your lane departure warnings as well as mirrors. In the case of a minor fender bender, you need to recalibrate the bumper sensors of your vehicle.

Also, even moving a camera or getting a new tire size requires you to consult a technician in order to recalibrate the safety features of your car. Looking for expert technicians? ADAS calibration Bixby is the answer to all your calibration needs.

In short, anything that changes the position of your ADAS cameras and sensors even only by a millimeter can disrupt the alignment and functioning of your system. When the cameras and sensors do not function properly, your safety features fail to protect you on the road.

Why Is ADAS Calibration Important for Your Vehicle?

As described above, the ADAS system assists you on the road to ensure that you are protected from severe accidents. Let’s see what research says about the importance of the ADAS system:

As per the data collected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the lane departure warning systems have been demonstrated to decrease the severity percentage of a sideswipe, single-vehicle, and head-on crashes by approximately 11%. Moreover, research has demonstrated that the ADAS system decreases the percentage of injury crashes by approximately 21%. The statistics show that ADAS technology is here to stay for the long term owing to the advantages of the system.

However, note that even though ADAS calibration Bixby is here to protect you, it does not replace you as the driver of the vehicle. Surely, the system warns you about bad road conditions or decisions, but it is crucial for you to pay attention to your surroundings while you are driving on the road.

What You Need to Know About ADAS Calibration

If the safety features within your vehicle do not perform normally, then it is time for you to take your car in for ADAS recalibration. Also, obviously, when you replace or repair your windshield, replace tires, or get into an accident, then ensure that you get your ADAS system calibrated properly.

Now, based on the terms and conditions of your vehicle’s manufacturer, your vehicle may need dynamic calibration, static calibration, or both. Dynamic calibration requires driving your vehicle on the road by plugging in various portable calibration tools, whereas static calibration requires an in-shop procedure. Both take about one hour to complete.

Make sure to check in with your technician to ensure that you make the right decision about the type of calibration your vehicle requires.

Also, the cost of ADAS calibration Bixby along with the repair or replacement of windshield or tires is greater than the cost of standard repair of replacement procedures. As mentioned above, calibration takes about one hour to complete, so you are also expected to take extra time out for your appointment with the technician.

Schedule Your ADAS Calibration Bixby Appointment Now!

If you are looking for ADAS calibration experts for your vehicle, then you have come to the right place. Our professional technicians at ADAS Calibration Bixby are experienced in ADAS calibration services. We recalibrate your vehicle as per the manufacturer’s specifications to guarantee that your safety features continue to protect you on the road.

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