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ADAS Calibration Jenks | 7 Great Reasons for Recalibration

In October 26, 2022

How does ADAS protect your vehicle from accidents, and how it improves safety?

Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and ADAS Calibration Jenks assist drivers in improving their road safety while driving and protect them from road accidents. ADAS has life safety features such as an emergency automatic braking system, driver gaze, drowsiness detection, and parking assist. 

The safety features of ADAS Calibration Jenks are the collection of advanced technologies that assist drivers in improving their performance of taking necessary action in a critical situation. Sensor technology to take a surrounding view and action technology to take action according to the information given by sensors together devise Advance Driver Assistance Systems.

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How does ADAS protect the vehicle from accidents?

ADAS has great potential to protect the vehicle from accidents by removing driver errors. ADAS for accidental protection is designed in a way that has four properly organized groups containing multiple technologies.

Groups of ADAS with multiple technologies you need to know about ADAS Calibration Jenks

  1. Group to avoid accidental collision 

This group involves in protecting forward and reverse back collisions. The collision warning sensor provides forward collision prevention with an automatic emergency braking system which assists the driver in controlling the car immediately.

On the other hand, in case of reverse back collision protection, a rear traffic alert, and a backup warning sensor warn the car driver. He applied the emergency reverse automatic brake according to the sensor’s information and protected the car from a collision with ADAS Calibration Jenks.

  1. Lane-keeping group

It protects the car from overhead collision by keeping it in the right lane.

The group contains a lane-changing sensor, which warns the driver immediately whenever he unknowingly tries to change the lane. In addition to a sensor, driver assistance systems are also present to assist him in keeping the car in the lane and stabilize it in the center of the lane.

  1. Group for Pedestrian detection

Sensors to take surrounding view are present in this group that warns the driver to avoid the forward pedestrian impact with ADAS Calibration Jenks.

Warning sensors direct the emergency braking system to take action to protect pedestrians from a car collision.

  1. Group for blind zone detection

Warning sensors detect the blind spot and warn the driver about the car interceding into the blind spot. This group will assist the driver in changing the lane to get out of the blind zone. That’s why merging blind zone detection with a lane change.

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Common safety features of ADAS

Overall safety, providing ADAS Calibration Jenks features, protects the car and car driver from accidental situations.

  • Rear camera

ADAS specifically introduce the rear camera on the rear of the vehicles. The backup camera protects the car from reverse back hitting. It makes the back view more visible and assists the driver in parking and detecting blind spots.

  • Parking assisted sensors

Parking sensors in the car by ADAS warn the driver whenever it gets into the vicinity of another object. These sensors keep the car aligned in parallel parking and avoid pedestrian collisions. Usually, it is placed on the rear bumper for the rear view and the front bumper for the front view in some cars.

  • Autonomous braking

The emergency automatic braking system detects the driver’s drowsiness and automatically applies breaks by tracking the car. This will protect the car from direct collision by applying brakes urgently when it becomes out of control for the driver. 

How ADAS improves the safety of a vehicle?

The safety features of ADAS improve the safety of a vehicle by improving its critical-situation functionality.

  • Advanced drift control

This feature is all about making a proper distance of the car from the heading one to avoid brake application on peak point to protect from the impending crash. Drift control in automobiles and aircraft makes them smooth in their functions.

ADAS advanced safety features not only assist highway driving but also help drivers in navigation. On getting a signal of a terminal or a heading, car drift control slows down the car and protects the car from any crash.

  • Lane departure alert

A lane departure warning (LDWS) is a kind of trigger that works according to the information provided by the cameras and sensors. The sensors and cameras align the car in its right lane by monitoring its position on the road.

Whenever a car unknowingly crosses its lane, LDWS produces a signal that triggers the driver to align it and keep it in its lane. At the same time, the drift control feature responds and makes the driving smooth and a bit slow.

LDWS is not a sensing technology. Instead, it involves safety activity that saves the vehicle and driver by giving them alerts and assisting them in a life-threatening situation.

  • Monitoring system for driver drowsiness

The driver drowsiness monitoring system is working on the principle of the human eye, whether it blinks or not. It detects the driver’s blinking eye, tiredness, or drowsiness and gives him an alert to be active and awake.

The cameras and sensors that sense the driver’s condition will give information or signal in the form of infrared light. The infrared light from the front view of the driver goes straight onto his body or face and makes him active.

It is now planned to introduce a kind of hands-free that keeps the driver focused on the steering wheel and the road.

  • System for traffic sign detection

It is the best feature of ADAS to provide traffic sign detection. It is a very significant feature, specifically in a new city. It is because it detects the signs automatically to stabilize the speed while driving and show you the information on the screen to give you an alert.

  • Monitoring system for tire pressure maintenance

This system plays an important role in keeping the car stable by maintaining the required tire pressure. This will protect the car from unbalancing and avoid the tire burst on a busy road.

It always ensures that the car has proper inflation and balance for driving.


ADAS is the best safety system introduced in vehicles. It improves vehicle safety and can reduce accidental chances to zero. ADAS, with the combination of sensing and action technologies, make driving safe and smooth.

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