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ADAS Calibration Owasso | 5 Epic Advantages of Calibration

In February 16, 2022

ADAS Calibration Owasso 

ADAS has evolved the automobile industry dramatically. It has made everyone’s life on the road much easier than ever before. Driving is not only easy using this cutting-edge technology but also safer as well. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems have reduced a significant number of accidents for the last few years.

According to the National Vehicle Crash Causation Survey, driver error is the most important factor behind road accidents. And, 94% of accidents are caused by driver errors such as driver failing to recognize hazards or changing the lane without looking at blind-spot. Then, ADAS calibration Owasso steps in to prevent such disastrous accidents.

In this article, we will explain this technology in detail and talk about its different types. Plus, you will learn how to determine what type of ADAS you need in your particular situation. Let’s get started…

What is the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)?

ADAS is a driver assistance system that is comprised of plenty of different safety features. All these features not only make driving convenient but also safe. 

The main purpose of this technology is to reduce the number of an accident on the road. And fortunately, this technology has significantly reduced the total number of chances of collisions on the road with ADAS calibration Owasso.

Almost all modern vehicles are equipped with these safety and security features. Even some countries have made these features mandatory for all vehicles. That’s why most of the vehicles you see on the road have some or all these features. ADAS has the following safety features for the protection of drivers and passengers:

  • Park assistance system
  • Front and rear collision warning
  • Full control on headlights
  • Automatic cruise control
  • Blind-spot monitoring (it was one of the main causes of accidents)
  • Pedestrian protection
  • Lane departure warning

Autonomous emergency brakes, adaptive cruise control, and intelligent speed assistance are some other important safety features of this incredible system. Now you have been familiar with ADAS calibration Owasso. Let’s talk about how does this system work…

How Does ADAS Work?

Today, automobiles are getting advanced day by day and they come with mobile-connected devices. Integrated chips are the most important part of these mobile devices. These systems can be partitioned into different chips that are known as SOCs i.e. systems on a chip. The SOCs connect different sensors to actuators using interfaces and high-performance ECUs, commonly known as electronic controller units.

Self-driving cars use different types of technologies for getting a 360-degree vision of vehicles that are in the vicinity and far. That’s why different hardware come with advanced process nodes to achieve higher performance targets. And, at the same time, it reduces the demand for power and footprint.

Types of ADAS Calibration

ADAS covers different types of technological advancements. There are two primary types of ADAS calibration; the first one is dynamic ADAS calibration and static calibration. Most people get when using these terms with ADAS calibration Owasso.

Read this section carefully. We will discuss both types of calibration in detail and guide you about why and when you need which type of ADAS calibration.

1. Dynamic Calibration

Dynamic calibration is also known as mobile calibration involves calibration in which technicians use a handheld unit that is plugged directly into your vehicle. After attaching the unit with your vehicle, the vehicle will be driven at a specific speed over a specific speed in optimum weather.

After exposing your vehicle to this test, ADAS calibration Owasso should be capable enough to find and respond to unexpected problems. 

2. Static Calibration

Static Calibration includes different features that could be calibrated in a particular environment without driving your vehicle. This is called static calibration because no driving is involved in this method. In this method, special types of equipment like sensors and cameras are used with ADAS calibration Owasso.

You might be thinking about what type of calibration you need for your vehicle. Well, the calibration you choose depends on multiple factors like the make and model of your vehicle. Therefore, it’s better to take your vehicle to an expert mechanic in Owasso who will decide based on your specific requirements. 

When to Calibrate the ADAS?

There are different situations in which it becomes mandatory to calibrate your vehicle so that this safety system works smoothly. Below are some important situations in which calibration become crucial:

  • You should calibrate ADAS after replacing the windshield of your vehicle.
  • After replacing the tires, you should take your vehicle for calibration.
  • In case of an accident, recalibration becomes mandatory for you.

Apart from these situations, if you find any issue in this system. You should immediately take your vehicle to the nearby expert mechanic. And, try to fix the issue as soon as possible in order to avoid any unfortunate events with ADAS calibration Owasso.

Advantages of ADAS Calibration Owasso

ADAS calibration has plenty of benefits given below:

  • The system has plenty of safety features that significantly reduce the chances of accidents.
  • ADAS makes driving very convenient and easy.
  • Because there are very few chances of an accident if your vehicle has this system, it reduces the cost of repairing as well.
  • Fewer chances of accident mean low insurance premium. Insurance companies consider you less accident-prone on the road, that’s why they charge you less. Similarly, insurance claims become very easy with fewer accidents.
  • ADAS system makes your vehicle very reliable and easy to drive.

ADAS Calibration Owasso

ADAS calibration Owasso technologies have significantly reduced vehicle crash rates as well as insurance claims for vehicles. The total number of accidents and insurance claims was too high before the advent of this technology. You should maximize the usage of this technology for your safety.

However, it’s very important to calibrate this system for its proper working. If you keep the system calibrated, it will work smoothly and reduce the chances of accidents dramatically.

You should calibrate the system from time to time in Owasso. Otherwise, delaying its maintenance can be very expensive for you. Choose a proficient technician for the calibration of your vehicle because the safety of your life is linked with this system. 

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