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ADAS Recalibration Tulsa | #1 Best Place for Calibration

In February 10, 2022

ADAS Recalibration Tulsa

Driving for continued long hours can be exhausting and when attention is minimized, it can lead to dangerous consequences. One of the top reasons accidents occur is because sleepy drivers accidentally leave their lane, bumping into other cars, thereby inflicting severe damages for themselves, people on the road, and cars. This is why new-age technologies like ADAS recalibration Tulsa are needed that can minimize the scope of such accidents and provide the driver with a helping hand so they can easily drive the car without having to face any issues. 

Short for Advanced Driver Assistance System, ADAS recalibration Tulsa is one of the newest forms of innovation for the automobile industry. Given the immense benefits that they have, it seems that this technology is here to stay for long. With this article, we will talk about this technology with reference to its relationship with the windshield. Read on! 

About ADAS System 

Assistance systems available for drivers in a car are not new. We have seen wipers, headlights, etc., that are built to provide drivers with a safe and convenient driving experience in differing situations. Now, the ADAS system refers to a set of technologies and innovations that offer high-end safety and assistance systems, allowing a driver to eliminate the scope of undesired and toward events while driving. An ADAS recalibration Tulsa system can be comprised of several things, some of which are mentioned below – 

Lane departure warning system – With a lane departure system in place, a vehicle’s warning system will be set off every time it moves out of the lane without its turn signal on. 

Automatic emergency braking system – Short for AEB, an automatic emergency braking system identifies possibilities when a crash is about to occur. This system alerts the driver. If the driver fails to take an action, AEB automatically applies emergency braking to prevent a possible crash. 

Adaptive cruise control system – This system allows the car to move at a consistent speed even with the driver’s foot off the accelerator pedal. While these systems have been in place, newer versions like adaptive cruise control or dynamic cruise control offer better control and security when you get ADAS recalibration Tulsa. 

PAEB system – Pedestrian automatic braking system which is PAEB in short, acts quite like an automatic emergency braking system, but it is different in the sense that instead of applying brake when a collision may happen with a car, PAEB is specifically designed to spot pedestrian on the road and therefore apply a brake in case the driver fails to perform an appropriate corrective action. 

These technologies have been saving lives, and help make driving a safer experience. Now that we know about ADAS, let us understand how this technology connects with windshields. What relationship does it have with a car’s windshield? Let’s find the answer. 

The sending devices that make the ADAS system work are often mounted behind the windshield or to the windshield. Now as obvious as it sounds, a simple change or modifications to the windshield may render the sensing divides ineffective, which would mean the entire ADAS recalibration Tulsa system would be needing recalibration. 

The ADAS system needs recalibration in differing situations, some of which are mentioned below – 

  • Replacement of the windshield 
  • Collision 
  • Changes made in ride alignment and tires
  • ADAS lights are on or are flashing

So in case any of the situations relate to you, you must get your ADAS checked and accordingly recalibrate it for proper work. Now, when it comes to checking your car’s ADAS recalibration Tulsa system and getting it recalibrated, there are a few things that you should check to ensure good quality work. How to find the best windshield recalibration services? And how to go about it? Please find below some of the main steps which you can follow to get a car’s windshield properly recalibrated. 

First of all, it is important to understand the different types of windshield recalibration services. One type of recalibration is static relcribation, another one is dynamic recalibration. 

Different types of recalibration services 

First of all, you need to understand which type of calibration your car needs. Please refer to the manufacturer guidelines and take the expert’s recommendation for this. 

Static calibration 

As the name suggests, static calibration refers to calibrating a car’s sensors in a workshop environment. Equipment includes CSC which means the camera and sensing calibration tools are used to calibrate a car in this type of ADAS recalibration Tulsa system. Static calibration takes place at one specified place and the car does not need to be in moving condition. The platform is raised to the height of the car, and the procedure is done under the supervision of an expert technician. 

Dynamic calibration 

In dynamic calibration, a car has to be driven at a manufacturer-specified speed and it should cover certain distances. With this system in place, the ADAS recalibration Tulsa system of the car becomes familiar with the road and oncoming situations, thereby learning to respond to changing situations on the road and how to react to them. It is also called mobile calibration given the fact that the vehicle needs to be moved. 

Once the type of calibration is known, you should consider opting for the services of an expert technician who has good experience conducting the calibration work. A good service provider should have positive reviews from customers. 

When it comes to choosing the best ADAS recalibration service in Tulsa, you can choose Glass Works Auto Glass. The company is an expert at windshield replacement, including ADAS calibration for different models of cars. They use high-end tools to ensure the recalibration process has been done smoothly and restored it to the manufacturer’s original specifications. 

ADAS Recalibration Tulsa

Since 1991, Glass Works Auto Glass has been Tulsa’s locally owned, family-operated auto glass repair company trusted by customers for technical expertise, comprehensive products and services, and a quick turnaround. The company offers No-Leak Lifetime Warranty and Free Auto Glass Chip Repair with Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Replacement services.

To learn more about ADAS recalibration Tulsa services, ADAS calibration work, please feel free to visit the website of Glass Works Auto Glass now!  

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