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Auto Glass Repair | 8 Cringeworthy Untrue Myths: Busted

In January 19, 2021


Busted: Auto glass replacement myths

You need the best auto glass repair Tulsa has today. Windshield damage is a common problem that is faced by car owners. It is the car’s main and primary shield that gives protection to the driver in case of being hit or collision. Tulsa windshield replacement provides trouble-free and smooth service for the replacement and repair of your windshield. Many beliefs surround people regarding windshield replacement, so it is important to realize that some are not the facts and only myths. This article helps in differentiating between the windshield replacement facts and myths.

What are the myths?

Many people never pay attention to the repair of the windshield until something gets wrong. Except being indulged in a major incident such as collision, drivers come across flying debris, flying insects, strong winds, and very dangerous big stones and rocks. Being hit by any solid object leaves a long-lasting mark on your windshield. For all these reasons, replacement or repair of the windshield has been done with a reliable Tulsa auto glass repair company. The technicians use the best equipment, tools, and materials.

Cracks and chips are okay

It is a myth that the presence of cracks and chips on your car’s windshield is okay. Ignoring them would rather affect the condition of the auto glass that gets worsen with time. You can see the effect of ignoring them while driving at high speed, mainly on the highway. Once you pick up at high speed, these chips and cracks start cracking the windshield due to the vibration, increased temperature, and wind speed. So, it is better to get your windshield repair even if there is an occurrence of a small crack.

Auto glass repair takes time

It is another myth that it takes a lot of time if you take your windshield for the replacement. No one wants to leave their car at the repair centers for a long period of time. So, here’s what can put you at ease that the windshield replacement generally takes less than two hours, provided you take your car to a reputable service center.

DIY kits are useful

Many DIY kits in the market claim a perfect repair to your windshield. This is an absolute myth. Suppose the windshields can be repaired by DIY kits, then why people look for a professional auto glass repair service to complete the task. People buy DIY kits to save a little money, which ultimately costs them more in the future. So, this way, they are going to pay two times for their windshield repair.

Cracks mean a complete replacement

This is again a myth that many people believe that simple cracks lead to a complete replacement. A crack doesn’t mean a replacement; it rather means that your windshield needs the help of expert analysis. Taking your car to a reliable car windshield service center that offers the right assessment by looking at your car’s condition and offers you the best possible repair or replacement advice. The windshield can only be replaced when there is no option left for its repair.

Windshield replacement is expensive

Many people believe that windshield replacement is going to cost them a lot. That’s why they resist taking their car to a good service center. While a windshield is the foremost protective gear for the driver and the passengers, a damaged windshield is quite dangerous and can be fatal most of the time. So, getting it replaced with the help of a good auto glass replacement service is good for your safety.

Windshield replacement means higher insurance rates

It is certainly a myth that a windshield replacement will lead to higher insurance rates. People believe that they increase their rate after every claim. Actually, insurance companies are loyal to their customers and do not afford to lose them or ruin their market image just for a small price. Call auto glass repair now.

All windshield replacement services are the same

Many people do not search the market and choose any windshield replacement company thinking that they are the same, which is not true. All service providers have their goods and bad. Therefore, it is better to do market research to determine which service center has a better market image. Check with their existing customers and the reviews offered by them. The service center is equipped with the latest tools and equipment. The auto glass repair technicians are working with the required knowledge.

All the windshield replacement companies charge the same price

It is certainly not true. The company charges according to the damaging impact, the size of the damage, and the car owner’s insurance. The charges are high for those who are not insured. Those who have car insurance can undergo a windshield replacement service at reasonable rates. Auto glass repair Tulsa always charges a fair price.

Auto Glass Repair

Whether it’s an old problem or a fresh crack, it is always recommended to take the help of a reliable auto glass repair, Tulsa. The service center works with skilled technicians trained to work with the latest tools and technology to offer a premium class repair. They offer their customers a competitive price and a reliable warranty period of their service. They start the repair process by inspecting your windshield condition and offer you the most appropriate solution. Tulsa auto glass repair also provides flexible working hours along with mobile windshield replacement service, so they can reach you wherever you are.

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