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Auto Glass Repair | 8 Memorable Car Wash Tips

In January 18, 2021

Car cleaning safety tips

Are you in need of auto glass repair in Tulsa? It is crucial to get your car washed with a professional’s service to get rid of all the dirt and clots. Many people want to know how often can they wash their car then their answer is at least once in two weeks. However, many car-obsessed people perform washing every week. So, there is no fixed criterion for washing it, but keeping it clean and keeping it free from dirt, especially the windshield. You can also get it done by consulting an auto glass repair Tulsa service.

Car cleaning safety tips

For every car wash service provider and the car owner, the safety of the car is of prime importance during a car wash event. Though car washes are done to keep your car in good condition, many unavoidable risks are associated while executing a car wash. Tulsa auto glass Repair Company also provides a safer car wash service to maintain the windshield’s original status and give it a brand new shiny look. This post offers you a list of car wash safety tips useful for car wash service providers and car owners.

Look for the slippery spots.

Around the car wash area, many slippery spots can become the reason for falls and may ruin the car’s condition. The slippery area might contain a soapy mixture that will make the slip even worse. So, both the customers and the washers must observe such slippery spots to keep intact the car’s and their own safety. These slippery areas can become frozen during the winter season that even worsen the area to walk over. So, to lower the risk of falling, both the customers and the washers need to wear anti-slip boots to prevent falling and damage to the auto glass repair Tulsa.

Keep an eye on the moving vehicles.

It is important to keep yourself safe while performing a car wash. When you take your car to a car wash, you must have surrounded by many other moving vehicles. It is crucial to keep an eye on those moving vehicles all the time to avoid any collision. The area is mostly crowded during holidays and weekends, so it is always better to plan your car wash on a less crowded day. Car washers need to be careful while performing an auto glass repair in Tulsa. 

Give the training to use equipment properly.

It is essential to train your staff to use the high-tech equipment with proper care and without being hit or hitting anyone else. The car wash area is stuffed with powerful equipment worldwide, so it is important to watch your steps and proceed further. Washers get enough training to use the equipment properly and to deliver a fine result. Contact auto glass repair Tulsa now. 

Beware of chemical exposures.

Chemicals are always used with proper care and by following the recommended precautionary steps. Car wash service stations use chemicals to give an ultra shine to the car. Some of those chemicals might be caustic and should not come in contact directly with skin and eyes. All the washers wear special clothes to prevent them from burning or cutting while performing the car wash. It is important for the customers as well to stay away and call auto glass repair Tulsa.

Electrical Hazards

The equipment used in the car wash is highly powered and needs constant power to run. It is important that proper training be provided to all the washers before handling the electric equipment, and they should not be offered to those who are not experienced to prevent any mishap. It is important to follow the lockout rule during their maintenance and servicing. It is important to ensure that all the electrical equipment has double insulation. Call auto glass repair Tulsa today.

Efficiently use conveyor and spinning brushes.

Every employee at the car wash service station receives instructions to use the tools effectively and efficiently. Always remember not to use conveyor and spinning brushes when they are in operation. There are many cases of injuries when an employee gets stuck in a spinning brush and conveyor belt. It is important to note that every employee should not enter the tunnel area when car wash equipment is running. To avoid accidents, consider all the necessary guidelines and take precautions while working at a car wash service station.


While performing manual lifting at the car wash area, it is important to wear good grip shoes to avoid slip. Do not bend or turn your body while carrying the weight and keep it absolutely straight. It is rather good to use proper handling materials such as lifting cars and trucks. If a strain occurs in your body due to mishandling, there are chances that you might not able to recover it, which may result in losing your job.

Auto Glass Repair

Car wash areas are covered with soap, wax, detergents, chemicals, sharp tools and equipment, electric appliances, and much other critical stuff. Employees must ensure to follow the recommended guidelines while working at the auto glass repair Tulsa. Tulsa windshield replacement and car wash service station follows the international safety standards and offer skilled technicians to execute the car wash service with complete safety. Slip falls and trips may result in severe injuries, and sometimes they can be fatal. However, these all can be easily preventable by following certain recommended safety tips. 

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