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Auto Glass Repair | Are Chipped Windshields Vulnerable?

In December 16, 2020

Looking for auto glass repair in the Tulsa area? Yeah, glass doesn’t always break “without no reason.” There may be a variety of reasons for the window splitting, cracking, or shattering. Now let us take a closer look at some of the most common ones.

There are, of course, a variety of apparent explanations for a chip or break in your windshield – falling grave or even other road debris thrown by the car in front of you on the highway. In such situations, the common sense rule that you should not drive too closely, keep vigilant and stop driving behind open-top trucks will eliminate several of these glass incidents, and you can avoid unnecessary costs of auto glass repair in Tulsa, OK, or Tulsa windshield replacement.

Well, what about the not-so-obvious factors? You may think like your windshield shattered out of nowhere. If you find that your windshield has been scratched, cracked, or otherwise damaged, consider these potential reasons. But the solution is more critical than the source. Take action to patch or restore the glass with auto glass repair Tulsa as quickly as possible.

A Potential Explanation of Front Windshield Crack

  • Poor Work on Windshield Explanation

Factory-made windshields typically follow strict protection and quality requirements, but often windshields are not equipped as specifically as they should be. If the windshield is mounted poorly, the window can be loose – causing friction – or strained, which may cause cracking.

  • Change in Temperature

Extreme temperature fluctuations can trigger the glass to enlarge and shrink rapidly, particularly when using a defroster or maybe even a car heater. Often, glass usually heats more along the edges, so expansion and contraction happen at varying speeds, which can contribute to cracks which may require auto glass repair Tulsa or even windshield replacement Tulsa if the damage is serious.

  • Sunlight

Like the weather, the same issues can get caused by sunshine. The heat from the sun on metal and other surfaces outside the glass will cause the edges of the glass to expand faster than the center of the glass, creating cracks. One way to prevent this is to leave the vehicle in the garage or shade, if feasible.

  • Changes in Pressure

This pressure is not speaking about barometric pressure. Still, abrupt increases in tension from low to high spend (or vice versa), gusty winds, or perhaps even heavy glass artifacts may trigger serious stress cracks.

  • Hail

We’ve already seen hail storm warning videos, with hailstones identified as “golf ball-sized” or “baseball-sized.” Hail is nothing other than a chunk of ice flying at high speeds as it reaches your windshield – but it has the same impact on your window.

  • Imperfections in Windshield

On some very, very small occasions, the glass installed in your car might have been faulty. You may not be able to make that decision, so an auto glass repair Tulsa OK expert will be able to do that. Value auto glass Tulsa shops also get notified of recall alerts for problems affecting glass or related products. 

How Problematic Can a Cracked Windshield Be?

The Good News and the Bad News

But the bad news is that you’ve got a hideous break in your window. The bad news is you’d have to take some time from your day and do something about it. The good news is that you can get the damage repaired by a certified professional can be a safe and efficient operation, and some get even covered by insurance. The internet also makes it easier to get quick pricing comparisons from the shops in your region, and then you can book online easily in a short amount of time.

How Will You Know If the Damage Needs to Get Fixed?

  • Damage Assessment

Two significant considerations can decide whether you need a fix or require a replacement: the extent of the crack as well as its position. Upon reviewing these two items, you will be informed by a reliable specialist on the next action to follow. But one thing is clear; the broken windshield is typically more severe than it looks and will most likely need repair, if not replacement.

  • The Underlying Danger

Your crack can be tiny now and easy to overlook, but don’t postpone repairing it. Amongst the most common issues with cracks, if set aside, is that they appear to expand. And a temperature change is one of the key reasons for this. Fluctuating temperatures can trigger the glass to enlarge and contract, which can make the issue worse.

A crack in your windshield has probably compromised its structural strength, which will make you and your passengers unstable in the likelihood of a crash, so why pause for the issue to worsen? You should get a windshield replacement in Tulsa, OK, as soon as possible to avoid any danger.

  • Don’t Hesitate

A damaged windshield can be a huge issue that may place you at risk of injury or disability. But don’t wait for a technician to fix or install the windshield. It would help if you went to an auto glass repair Tulsa shop to get it fixed right away.

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