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Auto Glass Repair | Replace or Repair? 4 Easy Things to Note

In December 17, 2020


Are you in need of an auto glass repair in the Tulsa area? It’s a gorgeous day. The sun is shining, and you are traveling with your family. Traffic is in motion. But suddenly, there is thwack. The smack of a crack in the windshield is directly in your sight. 

You didn’t see whatever hit the glass of your car, but now you are going to have the windshield replaced. Driving with a damaged windshield can risk the life of people inside the car. Therefore, getting the auto glass issue fixed by my windshield replacement Tulsa company is the perfect solution. This can occur at any time with anyone. So, it is better to get it corrected by an expert in windshield repair Tulsa or auto glass repair Tulsa. Here are some factors that might help you choose which option is best for you:


Safety must be the foremost concern of everyone. It is paramount. Small cracks and chips on the windshield and windows can be avoided and aren’t dangerous. But you shouldn’t ignore them completely and get them fixed by an auto glass repair Tulsa company. Many people sometimes ignore it and think it’s ok to drive with a damaged windshield. A damaged auto glass reduces the driver’s visibility, which can lead to risk in the lives of drivers and passengers in the car.

Therefore, it is essential to get the windshield repaired as quickly as possible. Make sure that you read the company’s ratings from where you will get your windshield repaired so that you can choose accordingly. You can also ask your friends and relatives about their experience with the different auto glass repair and replacement companies and choose accordingly.


If the destruction from the chip in your car windshield outstretches to the outer edge of the windshield, it’s more likely you’ll need a replacement since the structure of the glass may have been compromised. Generally, smaller chips or chips up to three inches can be easily repaired. The repair depends on the size and the type of damage in the windshield. The size may vary, depending upon the location of the damage. Auto glass repair Tulsa experts will help you fix your windshield in the best possible ways.


Even good repairs can leave discoloration and unevenness, and there are chances that structural integrity can be compromised. The technician must consider all the potential drivers of the vehicle. These sights require crystal clear views, and even perfect repair can impair malfunctions’ insight. Therefore, it is important to get your windshield replaced rather than repaired. You can get it replaced by an expert technician of auto glass Tulsa.


Depth is associated with the size of the damage and how deep the damage probed into the windshield. Auto glass repair Tulsa experts can help you in the correction of the cracked glass easily. New technologies are now making it possible to repair wider chips and longer cracks in the best and easiest way


Auto glass repair or replacement takes time to complete. It requires 2-4 hours to settle the glass and dry down completely. The immediate vehicle is not safe for driving. When you are taking windshield repair or replacement service, the company must inform the time of the particular procedure. This will present you with a rough thought of how much time you will have to wait. So, you can manage your time for other important work accordingly.  

If you opt for mobile glass repair, make sure you take your car to the place where you can help it rest for a few hours. If this alternative is not available, you are advised to take your car to an auto glass shop to get the glass repaired or replaced rather than making your car stand in an inappropriate environment.

Windshield Repair 

Repairing one chip or one crack typically takes about 30-40 minutes or more. If the crack or chip is extensive and dust has accumulated, initial steps are demanded. The adhesive urethane used to fix the glass to restore integrity and improve appearance requires time to settle and dry completely.

Windshield Replacement

Suppose the chip is bigger than two inches or a crack one-foot longer or more than you will have to get your windshield replaced – tough luck! Windshield replacement usually takes from 2-3 hours to get it thoroughly fixed. It is a bit lengthy process and requires to be done by an expert technician. The windshield is cut and removed from the edges and so do the glue and seals. Following this, the primer is spread on the frame where glass will be fitted and after which the windshield is sealed with an adhesive sealer, and it is fixed on the edge of the frame. 

Professional Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

The professional technicians at GlassworksAutoglass will assess your windshield damage and give you the best advice related to repairing or replacing the windshield. It is one of the most excellent auto glass repair and replacement companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with well-trained staff and the latest installing and repairing techniques. You will get the best facilities at GlassworksAutoglass. Therefore, do not waste your time. Get your glass repaired or replaced.

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