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Auto Glass Repair | 6 Easy Ways to Care for a New Windshield

In December 16, 2020

No car, expensive or not, can be thought of without a windshield. A good quality windshield can add to the service life expectancy of a car effortlessly. If you have just replaced your auto glass repair in Tulsa, make sure to keep adequate care of it. 

Without care, even the best quality windshield might go bad in a short while. You must be aware of the cost associated with a windshield change. Hence, take enough care of the windshield to skip the hassle of replacing it frequently. Here are some of the ways you can take good care of your car’s windshield immediately after an auto glass repair in Tulsa

Do Not Drive For A While

Once you have installed the new windshield to your car, it is not the time for you to go for a joyride immediately afterward. Instead, allow some time to the windshield to get acquainted and adjusted with your car. If you are in a hurry to go somewhere, wait for at least one hour, allowing the urethane to become hard enough to pass all the Federal Safety Standards. 

However, if you are not in a hurry, it would be best to leave your car in the driveway for a couple of hours before starting the engines again. A little spin on the road can be a good idea only when your new windshield has settled adequately after auto glass repair or installation. Even a little negligence can be harmful to the windshield.

Stay Away From Washing The Car Thoroughly

A damp cloth to wipe a few bird droppings or the dust can be allowed immediately after installing the new windshield. However, a thorough car wash must remain on the prohibited list for the next few hours. As we all know, auto glass repair or windshield installation is done with adhesives. 

Surely, these adhesives are strong enough to withstand water, but the jet pressure can considerably puncture the sealed area if washed before a certain time. Allow the windshield and the sealed margins to settle optimally, and your car will be perfectly ready to go for the next wash. 

Leave A Window Slightly Opened

If you have done the new windshield installation during the summer season, make sure to keep a window slightly open to allow the hot and expanded air inside the car to escape. Or else, the expanded air would create unnecessary pressure on your freshly installed windshield, making it more vulnerable to cracks. If you have done auto glass repair in Tulsa, OK, make sure to take enough care or else, you might have to go for a replacement again, which will surely cost you more than enough.  

Do Not Slam The Doors

Do not slam the doors of your car immediately after an auto glass repair in Tulsa that involved a windshield replacement. A newly installed windshield must be allowed some time to settle optimally before it can withstand any thrashing or rough handling. 

If you drive the car through the potholes and slam the doors while closing them, the windshield’s sealing margin might get damaged seriously. And any such damage can be taxing afterward. Make sure to handle the car with care for a few days after installing a new windshield, and the same will serve you for a long. 

Keep The Retention Tape

Once the installation of the windshield is done, try not to remove the retention tape immediately afterward. Any reputed Tulsa agency for windshield replacement would fix a retention tape along the sealing margin to allow the sealant to go dry and offer the windshield a firm fitting. 

Surely the tape would not look perfectly elegant, but you have to consider the safety associated. The tape on the adhesive remains safe from the external elements and dries up rapidly. Hence, your windshield attains its much-desired level of strength and durability with the tape on and not without it. 

Keep The Car Clean

Keeping the car clean is a part of general care procedures. However, when you have installed a new windshield on your car, make sure to keep the adhesive-free from any dust or small particles. A dry cloth can do the task for you. Just wipe the dust loosely from the auto glass repair and the car dashboard area to ensure that nothing gets stuck to the windshield’s adhesive while it is still drying up. Keeping the car clean is always the key to its maintenance. However, keep away from wet cleaning or use of power washers. 

GlassWorks Auto Glass Repair

At Glass Work Auto Glass, we keep the best windshields available with us. In case you need an auto glass repair or a replacement, you can depend on our top-notch services. Our experienced technicians ensure that every issue with your car gets the best attention possible. Be it an auto glass repair or a power window replacement, and we do every service neatly and at reasonable rates. We can also offer you tips and suggestions about keeping your car’s new windshield protected and safe so that it ends up serving you for longer.

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