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Auto Glass Replacement | 8 Things to Look for in a Company

In December 17, 2020

Do you need an auto glass replacement in Tulsa? The windshield glass is an integral part of the car. It is the barrier between the weather and you. It protects you from the elements on the road. Therefore, it is often expected that the windshield protects you and remains intact, even in accidents. A high-quality auto glass replacement provides you with all safety and security. You will have to go to a trusted windshield replacement Tulsa company to get this high-quality windshield glass fixed. But how to decide whether which windshield repair Tulsa company is trustworthy? Here are some points to remember.

  • Company’s market reputation

A company’s market reviews and reputation are the two most significant proof of its reliability. Read the reviews of the company on the internet. Word-of-mouth is also one of the best ways to find a company’s reputation. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors about their experiences with the different auto glass replacement Tulsa.

  • Does the auto glass company inspect your auto glass?

Companies often brainwash their clients to get more money. Such companies insist and convince their clients to go for a replacement, even for a minor crack or two. Ensure the auto glass replacement Tulsa company you are taking you to inspect your damaged car glass and give you suggestions about moving forward with the repair or replacement process. 

  • Do they offer dealer glass?

Many windshield replacement Tulsa OK companies produce their glass. These companies force their clients to choose their manufactured glass. Sometimes these glasses aren’t of the best quality. Ensure the company you choose offers you the freedom to select your preference in glass, whether you would want to go for the dealer or OEM glass or the ones that the company provides. 

  • Does the company accept your car insurance?

If you do not wish to spend an excessive amount on getting your car serviced or repaired, make sure to ask the company about their insurance acceptance policies. A genuine and trustworthy auto glass replacement Tulsa OK company with a good market value will have all kinds of insurance facilities for its customers. Such a company ensures that the client’s insurance claim is accepted and that the client is tension free from all the insurance matters. Any company that is hesitant towards taking insurance must be avoided.

  • Only high-quality installation materials are used.

The materials used during the auto glass installation or repairing play a vital role in the post-replacement performance period. The right auto glass replacement Tulsa OK repair and replacement company will use the same adhesive as that of the manufacturer. The urethane adhesive must be of the highest quality to hold the windshield glass for a long time. Wind noise or water leakage are the signs when cheap urethane adhesive is used to fix the windshield. Ask the company about the products that they use in the repair or replacement process. 

  • Does the company employ two technicians for the installation?

Effective auto glass replacement is not possible by a single person. Instead, it is a two-person job. It is a task that must be completed on the first try. As there is no second opportunity to fit the auto glass correctly, there is no scope for mistakes. Ask the company about how many technicians do they employ in the windshield installation process. If you feel like it, talk to the technicians at the company for clear understanding. A company that hesitates in telling you the process details might be a faulty one. Beware of such frauds.

  • What guarantee does the company offer?

A trustworthy and genuine auto glass company will always stand behind the quality of its work. One of the methods to do this is by providing a guarantee on their services. This is a sign that the company has used the best quality materials and superior industry standards. The company you are choosing must offer you some guarantee for the products and services they have given in your car. If a company hesitates in doing so, understand this as a sign of low and cheap services and rule out such a company.

  • Adjusting with your schedule.

The right auto glass replacement Tulsa OK company will do anything to cater to its clients’ needs. It will work tirelessly to accommodate your busy schedule. In case you are too busy to come and collect your car, the company will offer home pickup and drop services. Such a company values your time and makes sure that they meet the deadline and get your car ready on the estimated delivery date. Any company that refuses to adjust according to your schedule must be discarded.

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