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Broken Car Window | 5 Pieces of Advice on Covering a Broken Window

In November 16, 2020

Do you have a broken car window? Just imagine how you would feel if you woke up to the sight of a broken car window in your favorite car. Even the slightest imagination shatters your heart to pieces, right? It is not a funny thing. You can feel the pain as you see broken pieces of glass sticking out. But, God forbid, if this ever happens to you, what will you do?

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The best avenue you can opt for is hiring a reputed company that provides efficient auto glass repair services in Tulsa. Your side window can break because of a thief trying to break in. Or hailstorms can shatter the glass window into pieces. Even a small kid can throw a small stone playfully and break your car window. 

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There are several companies in Tulsa that offer premium car power window repair services. You can go to them to fix up your broken window. But the process is a tad bit long. Also, the process involves a considerable amount of expense. So you may need some time to arrange your schedule as well as the required amount of money. In the time being, the best thing that you can do is to cover your broken window.

Why is it Important to Cover the Broken Window of Your Car?

If your car window shatters into pieces owing to any reason, you must immediately replace it with hard glass. For this purpose, you must visit one of the best companies that offer windshield replacement Tulsa services. But if you think practically, this is not always possible. You may be caught-up with multiple things you need to sort before repairing the broken car window. In that case, you can cover the broken car window.

Following are the reasons that will help you realize the significance of covering your broken window:

Safety of the passengers

 Broken pieces of glass can be exceedingly harmful to those inside the car. These small pieces can easily detach from the glass pane. You can injure yourself because of these shattered glass pieces. The bits and pieces of glasses can injure the pedestrians outside as well. A sharp broken glass piece can even puncture the tire of another vehicle. 

Protection against the weather

 It is true that one day or the other, you need to opt for windshield repair in Tulsa. Covering is not a permanent solution. But it is equally valid that the cover offers a safety layer. So, you need not feel dreadful while driving out on a rainy day. The cover will save you as well as the seat and other necessary belongings from the heavy downpour. If you have a broken car window call GlassWorks now


 For those who are particular about maintaining their broken car window look and appearance, covering the broken window can indeed be a good option. So, if you want a sorted, well-managed look for your car, then covering the broken window is a must.

Keeping away from thieves

 When you park, and it has a broken car window, it attracts a lot of unnecessary attention. Any petty thief can manipulate the situation. Covering the fractured window will help in avoiding such problems.

How to Cover Your Broken Car Window?

First of all, gather all the necessary items that you will need to cover the glass pane. You may use masking tape, a small hammer, vacuum cleaner, gloves, etc.

Then, you have to remove the glass debris. Use a hammer to break the stubborn glass pieces —vacuum inside the car to clear the small fragments from seats, carpets, etc. Do not forget to wear a pair of gloves.

Now wipe the broken car window to make it clean and free from dirt and dust. 


Use masking tape generously. This will help prevent chipping off the car paint while removing duct tapes.

Now you can cover the opening with multiple things, like clear duct tape, plastic bag, or crash wrap.

Always keep in mind that you should cover your broken car window with transparent material. Avoid colorful covers as they tend to reduce the visibility level.

Broken Car Window

Well, this is definitely not a permanent solution. So, after a few days, when you have the free time and the required money, try visiting the best windshield repair Tulsa shop. You cannot do away without professional help. So, you must take your car for fixing up to a repair company that uses the top-notch quality auto glass Tulsa.

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If you want the best for your vehicle, then pay a visit to GlassworksAutoglass. We are a renowned company for auto glass replacement in Tulsa, OK. We have a team of hardworking and dedicated experts who offer exceptional services to the clients. Our years of experience enable us to provide the best possible service for car power window repair. Do give us a chance, and you will love the service, guaranteed.

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