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Car Window Repair | Are Black Dots Covering your Windshield?

In December 16, 2020

Do you need car window repair in Tulsa? Have you ever wondered about the tiny little dots along the edges of your car’s windshield that you eventually discovered during a car power window repair in Tulsa, OK? These black dots are placed there for car window repair in Tulsa. 

Hence, the next time any of these black dots catch your sight, pay attention to their strategic arrangement, and you would find that your windshield has been designed to accommodate them adequately. No matter if you are going for a car window repair in Tulsa or a car power window repair in Tulsa, any mechanic can explain to you what these black dots are for. 

The Myths About The-Dots

The market has several myths and misunderstandings about this frit. The concept of the black dots along the windshield edges appears to be out of the box for many, and it is the amazement of the people that have nurtured the rumors, which rule the market. Here are the two most regular rumors about frit you will come to know about. 

#1. Frit helps in antenna reception

#2. The dots are some sensor

However, no matter the extent of the reach of these rumors, the truth remains otherwise. No such claims can be proved with the reality of these dots in front of you. These dots appear on car window repair or car power window repair in Tulsa. Let us now have a look at why these dots are there on your car’s windshield and if you really need them. 

Purpose Of Frit

If you noticed patiently and with full attention, you would realize how precisely and strategically these dots get placed by the auto glass manufacturers. The dots gradually disappear following the grid so that their sudden disappearance does not get to haunt the mind of the beholder or distract the driver. Also, their placement has been kept carefully along the windshield’s farthest edges so that it skips the attention of most people. 

If you opted for car window repair in Tulsa, OK, you would find that every windshield has these dots. Now, let us know why they exist at all. If there is something in your car, be sure that the manufacturers have tactfully placed it to better your overall driving experience; frit is also not an exception. 

So far as the frit’s outward-facing part is concerned, it is there to protect you from the infiltration of the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

GlassWorks Auto Glass

However, the inward-facing part of the frit has a distinct purpose of serving. It generally allows any adhesive to get stuck to the glass, ensuring a firm grip. 

Another advantage of using the frit is that it cleverly conceals the margin of joining between the car and the windshield. The windshield is generally installed with the help of strong adhesives, and sometimes they leave a mark. The frit line helps positively hide the marks and lends the windshield a more polished appearance. When the mechanics reinstall an auto glass part of a car power window repair, you can check how finely these dots hide the joining margins.

Car Power Window Repair Tulsa 

The dots also act as heat dissipaters during the summer. The black lining formed of these dots adequately reduced the heat felt inside the car. Hence, these are also impactful as far as temperature control inside the car is concerned. Some of the windshields also feature these dots in a special arrangement that reduces the sun’s glare. Ask the car window repair technicians if you have further questions. 

Therefore, you surely need a windshield with thoroughly arranged black dots long its edges to make your driving session safer and more comfortable. Check the car power window repair process thoroughly, and you would understand how typically all the windshields carry these black dotted marks on the surface. 

Car Window Repair Tulsa

If you are looking for a reliable windshield replacement in Tulsa, Glass Work Auto Glass can be your one-stop solution. We offer the best services at reasonable prices. Our expert technicians also make sure that you get your car delivered within time and no delays are done during the auto glass repair in Tulsa, OK

We keep only the best quality windshields if a replacement is on your mind. Our technicians also ensure that the car window repair fits your car adequately and without leaving any visible marks of adhesive. Make sure to go through the range of our services to book an appointment, and we shall be happy to help you no matter what problem your car has. 


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