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Discount Auto Glass Tulsa | 10 Devastating Types of Damage

In January 27, 2022

Windshield Types: Protection and Replacement Tips

Do you need discount auto glass Tulsa? There are two main types of windshields, laminated glass, and tempered glass. Windshields are made up of just one piece of glass are rare for modern cars since they have an increased risk of being broken in an accident.

Since laminated windshields use two pieces of plate glass with a plastic layer in the middle, they are stronger since the glass will separate in case of being broken. The same cannot be said for two pieces of tempered glass, which are made out of a single sheet of plate glass that has been treated so it would break into small cubes instead of large dangerous shards.

Most modern cars have windshields made up of laminated glass since they are safer. Laminated glass also has a greater resistance to heat. However, they can be much more expensive than regular windshields and may not work as well in case of a very strong hailstorm.

Since tempered discount auto glass Tulsa is much cheaper than laminated glass, it is used instead on car windshields for older or classic cars. They are also ideal for cars with a very low top speed since they are shatter-proof and cannot be used as an offensive weapon against pedestrians.

Tempered glass is also referred to as toughened glass or strengthened glass, which is divided into two categories: conventional and advanced. Conventional tempered glass relies on the heat treatment of the surface of the glass, whereas advanced tempered glass uses a chemical tempering process that involves the entire thickness of the glass being treated.

Advances in discount auto glass Tulsa have made laminated windshields more popular than conventional or advanced tempered glass since they are safer but still cheaper than traditional laminated windshields.

How Do Windshields Break?

A windshield can be broken in a number of ways, but there are three main causes:

1. Impact with an object

2. Exposure to a high-temperature source

3. Flying debris while driving on a bumpy road

Most windshields are made out of glass to break very easily. That is why it is important to have a windshield that will stay in one piece when being hit by an object. This makes laminated glass safer since it has two layers of glass instead of just one layer.

Protecting Your Windshield From Damage

Although most modern cars have windshields made out of laminated glass, it is still a good idea to protect your windshield in case it does get broken. There are two effective ways to avoid any damage:

1. Insure the windshield with a warranty that covers damages

2. Use a screen protector on the inside of the windshield

A screen protector is a thin layer that sticks to the inside of your windshield and protects it from getting broken. It can be expensive, but it will save you a lot in case of an accident. They can be removed and reused after cleaning and won’t take much time or effort to install on your discount auto glass Tulsa.

What Are The Different Types of Breaks In Auto Glass?

There are three main types of breaks for windshields – star break, bullseye break, and clear coat failure.

Star break is the most common type of windshield damage. It happens when a rock or another sharp object hits an area on the windshield that does not have any layer between the glass. This causes the glass to fold like an accordion, resulting in a star-shaped break.

Bullseye and delamination breaks happen when an object hits one specific point on the windshield. This results in a break that looks like a bullseye or bubbles under the layer of discount auto glass Tulsa. It is usually caused by exposure to high-temperature sources such as heaters.

Clearcoat failure happens when a layer on top of the glass breaks. It is a rare type of break and usually does not affect the windshield performance.

Edge Crack:

An edge crack is another type of break that does not result in windshield shattering. It happens when a rock hits an unprotected area on the top layer of glass. Then it creates a small crack that continues to spread, but only on the top layer. This type of damage can compromise your windshield’s performance unless you have it repaired.

Chipped Windshield:

A chipped windshield is when a small piece on the edge of the glass breaks off. It usually does not affect the overall performance of your windshield, but it can be dangerous if you are unable to see past the crack.

Floater Crack: 

A floater crack is also called a star crack because it looks like an asterisk. It is the smallest type of break you can have on your windshield. It usually affects only one area, which makes it easier to fix than other damage types.

Stress Crack: 

A stress crack appears after a windshield is exposed to high temperatures. It is usually long and thin, but it can affect your windshield’s performance by letting in outside elements such as debris or water.


A half-moon or dimple crack is similar to a star break. It happens when the glass flexes instead of breaking under pressure, which leaves an indented hole on the surface of your windshield.

Radiator crack: 

This type of damage comes from being exposed to high temperatures while driving. If you have this problem, you will notice that the cracks are often circular or semicircular on your discount auto glass Tulsa.

Combination Crack: 

This type of damage can happen if your windshield is exposed to an extreme level of heat and pressure too quickly. It usually has different parts that are affected, which makes it harder to fix than some other types of damage.

Other Types of Damage: 

You might also see cracks that look like spider webs, which happen when multiple small pieces of discount auto glass Tulsa break off and join together to create a web-like shape. A rock chip can grow over time if it is not repaired quickly enough, usually because the crack spreads and deepens in the area that it affects.

When Should You Replace Your Windshield?

Most of the time, a chipped or cracked windshield can be repaired without having to replace it altogether. However, there are some instances when you should consider going ahead and replacing your windshield with discount auto glass Tulsa instead.

If your chip is on the edge of the discount auto glass Tulsa and is larger than three inches in diameter, it could spread further over time because the windshield is not held together well enough to prevent the crack from getting bigger.

If your chip is in front of the driver or in an area that will affect your ability to see, it should be repaired quickly because it could grow larger and threaten your safety on the road.

Discount Auto Glass Tulsa

If you have a rock chip with any type of stress fracture, there is a chance it could spread or lengthen over time. If you think this is the case, you should have your windshield replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

If your chip has an attached star crack that is causing a loss of visibility, it should be repaired immediately with discount auto glass Tulsa.

You may take your car to a mechanic for repairs instead of doing the work yourself. However, it is important to be aware of any type of damage that can affect your safety on the road before you drive away from the shop.

If you are not sure how extensive the damage is or what types of cracks and breaks appear in windshields, take your car to the windshield repair Jenks and they will examine your car completely and will fix any kind of break in your discount auto glass Tulsa.

Discount Auto Glass Tulsa

Knowing what damages you may have on your windshield and when to consider replacing it can help you be more aware of the safety risks that come with driving a car. By keeping an eye out for cracks, chips, and other damages you might see on your windshield, you can make sure you are always ready to take action when necessary.

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