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Glass Repair Tulsa | 9 Types of Windshield Damage

In November 16, 2020

You might require glass repair Tulsa. A damaged windshield can be a severe problem for a driver. It not only looks bad on the car but can also cause significant issues to the safety features of the vehicle. Most people don’t take the windshields’ problems seriously, which they should because of its importance. It would help if you got the damage looked upon by some auto glass repair Tulsa experts to get a trustworthy and valid opinion on the situation. 

It is effortless for a windshield to get damaged as any object hitting a moving car will hit it with such a force that it will crack easily. The severity of the damage will decide whether the windshield can be repaired or will have to be replaced. The damage to the windshield can be of different types. Having some information about it can help you temporarily deal with the problem until you can get it looked upon by experts in auto glass repair Tulsa. It is essential that when you get your damaged windshield checked, it should be only from an expert because they are the only ones who can give a correct idea of the damage done.

The windshields play an essential part in a vehicle’s integrity as they support the vehicle’s structure. It protects the passengers in case of a rollover accident by preventing the roof from collapsing. It also protects the driver from bursting out of the window in case of a high impact accident. A damaged windshield can decrease integrity, jeopardizing the safety of the passengers in the vehicle. It is a vital part of the car, so it is crucial to get your glass repair Tulsa checked by the experts if anything happens to it and get your car window repair Tulsa OK. The size and location of it can determine the types of windshield damages, and it has the following types:


It is the most common type of damage done to the windshields. It appears as a line on the windshield; it can be long or short in size with many splits, leading to a problem with the driver’s visibility that can eventually lead to an accident that may cost human lives. You’ll need auto glass repair Tulsa soon. 

Floater Crack

It is the crack that occurs in the middle of the windshield and can be different in length. It can span most of the windshield, which is a severe problem for safety. It is also bad because significant temperature changes can make the crack worse and lead to Tulsa’s windshield replacement.

Crack Chip

These cracks are smaller in size and can be fixed by the expert of car window repair Tulsa. The cracks are smaller than 3″ in length, making it easy to get auto glass repair in Tulsa.

Stress Crack

It is the type of crack that can occur without anything hitting the windshield. It happens because of major temperature changes as the windshields can crack under intense heat or extreme cold. It can develop a crack under these situations, so it is good to have glass repair Tulsa windshields.

Edge Crack

It is evident because of the name; it is a crack that develops around the corners or near 2″ of the windshield’s edges. They are quick to develop and can be as long as 12″ in length.


It is the type of damage in which a stone or pebble hitting the car at speed causes a piece of the windshield to chipping away. It can be fixed by an expert of auto glass repair Tulsa, OK, if it has no splits and is not more than an inch in diameter, and also does not penetrate all the way through. It is also known as “dings” or “pit.” 


It is also caused by any object hitting the car from outside, but the damage caused by it looks like a bullseye on a dartboard. They create much more in-depth and more extensive chips on the windshields, which can be unrepairable, leading to windshield replacement in Tulsa, OK. You can also encounter impacts that look like bullseye but are slightly different in shapes like “partial bullseye” or “half-moons.”


The name suggests like a star after an impact as it develops branches from the impact point. It can be repaired by experts of auto glass repair Tulsa OK but only if the damage is smaller in size as more significant damages lead to Tulsa windshield replacement. The damage can lower the car’s value even after getting it repaired because the repair can be visible to anyone.


It is the type of damage in which there is more than one type of damage, which can be a problem for the owner. An auto glass repair Tulsa is not always possible in such cases, and an auto glass replacement Tulsa OK is the only option left with the technicians.

When Should You Replace or Repair a Windshield?

The first thing you should do when your windshield gets damaged is going to experts for an opinion on the damage so that you can get an idea of whether the damage is repairable or not. If the damage is unrepairable or will hamper the driver’s visibility, then the professionals are only left with the option of replacing the windshields. The technicians at auto glass perform the job with utmost care and professionalism.

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