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Rock Chip Repair | 4 Great Reasons to Repair Immediately

In February 15, 2022

Importance of Rock Chip Repair

Driving is a daily risk vehicle owners take every time they go on the road. While they may be careful, vigilant, and responsible, they cannot say the same with every driver out there. Plus, there are circumstantial events that can cause untoward incidents.

Say, you encounter falling debris or stones spraying from underneath the tires of other cars on the road. Your vehicle can get past this without sustaining any damage, but in some cases, this can result in a rock chip, which you need to repair immediately. If you want to know more about rock chip repair, take a look at the details below.

What is Rock Chip Repair?

Before we proceed with the definition of rock chip repair, let us have a more in-depth about rock chips. These are small damages on a car’s windshield caused by the impact of flying debris. These can have star-like or half-moon shapes, or a combination of these two. 

Star chips are characterized by line cracks stemming from the chip toward different directions, creating a star-like shape. These cracks tend to be thin and small, which may seem negligible, but they truly are not. 

Half-moon chips are those that occur when flying debris hits the windshield from a more sideways angle. The damage can go deeper from this direction, leaving a half-moon mark. 

Combination chips are those with half-moon shapes, but also have line cracks shooting off in various directions. This means that the impact is much greater because it has caused a deep mark and several cracks due to a lack of rock chip repair.

These may seem troublesome just because they disturb the sleek and clean look of your vehicle. The good news is that repair services for rock chips are accessible, as long as the damage is repairable. 

These can be repaired by filling in the chip using a specific resin material, which is injected into the area. Then, pressure is applied to the site until the resin expands and completely fills in all the gaps.

This can make your windshield look brand-new, making it an ideal way to address chips. Plus, it can take only a few minutes to do. 

4 Reasons Rock Chips Should Be Repaired Immediately

The thing about rock chips is they may seem minor and inconsequential because they are small, which is why many tend to neglect to repair these damages. What they don’t know can result in bigger issues and costs when left alone. 

Drivers who are hesitating about getting rock chip repair services despite them being accessible and easy to get should understand why immediate action is necessary. Check out this list.

  • It Can Become Bigger

Rock chips are small but terrible because they are not only cosmetic issues. When driving, you subject your car to all kinds of impacts, from those it sustains as you drive over potholes and others caused by accidents.

Now, remember that a rock chip, as small as it may seem, is damage to the integrity of your windshield. The constant or frequent barrage of impact on the vehicle can put pressure on the front glass, which can lead to line cracks getting bigger, making the problem much more complicated to handle. 

  • It Can Shatter the Windshield Altogether

Because these damages can get bigger, you are running the risk of your windshield shattering. This can be dangerous, especially if it happens while you are in the vehicle, or worse while driving without a rock chip repair. 

Even if it happens at night, while the car is sitting quietly in its designated parking spot, this incident can be dangerous as it vastly reduces the security of your car, opening it up to car thieves. 

  • It Affects the Car’s Structure

Another thing to remember is that while your windshield servers to protect you from wind and flying debris while driving, it also plays a role in fortifying the car’s structure without a rock chip repair. After all this panel is one of the few things supporting the roof from the front. 

Neglecting to fix a rock chip not only makes the damages bigger because of enlarged cracks and marks, but it also puts you in danger. Once your windshield gives way due to these damages, your roof is in danger of collapsing. 

  • It Can Impair Drivers

Aside from these potential dangers, rock chip repair can put added risks to the already risky nature of driving. These marks are not only surface-level because you can clearly see dents on the glass. These deep damages can serve as mirrors and reflect light. 

Think of it this way: imagine someone holding a mirror in the car in front of you, causing sunlight to reflect directly to your face, or worse, your eyes. This can be dangerous because it can impair your eyesight temporarily. As you know, it only takes a moment for accidents to happen.

Having a rock chip opens the possibility of sunlight hitting your windshield in a certain way, which can bounce to your face and cause temporary impairments. 

Rock Chip Repair or Windshield Replacement?

As mentioned, rock chips can be repairable, but there are cases in which a windshield replacement is necessary. This depends on the diameter, depth, and location of the mark. The wider and deeper the damage is, the more difficult it is to repair. 

Moreover, location matters because many shops tend to recommend replacement if the damage is in the direct line of sight of the driver. It not only hinders the view but also gets in the way of wiper blades. In this case, a total replacement is much more desirable.

You should also consider a replacement if there are several chips, or if the chip is surrounded by large cracks. Any additional damage due to failure to repair these marks can be cause for replacement, as well. 

Final Thoughts 

Rock chips are not as harmless as they look. For your safety and peace of mind, the first thing you need to do if your glass gets one is to go to a reliable car shop and get rock chip repair services. 

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