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Windshield Repair in Tulsa | #1 Best ADAS Calibration

In October 26, 2022

A complete guide on windshield camera recalibration after your windshield is damaged 

With windshield repair in Tulsa and the emergence of technology, cars have become half-drivers with the induction of security systems. Many of us do not recognize the importance of camera calibration and recalibration, especially when the car observes an accident. 

Modern cars have ADAS technology which is becoming increasingly advanced in every model, and it needs different tricks and tactics to deal with when you calibrate it. So, if you are looking for windshield repair in Tulsa, you must consider a service provider with experience in advanced technology. 

A complete guide on windshield camera recalibration after your windshield is damaged 

The cameras in new cars are mounted for security as they can move in a car and detect danger either inside or outside the car. So, the camera must be working in all circumstances. When looking for windshield replacement after damage, you need to recalibrate the camera as it is part of the windshield repair in Tulsa. 

What is a recalibration of the camera of the windshield?

If we talk about the windshield, it is more than a glass layer of your car. You need to think about the features of your car and the accessories mounted with the windshield, like a security camera and front mirror with windshield repair in Tulsa. 

The camera mounted on the car’s windscreen keeps observing the road by taking into consideration the pedestrians, other vehicles, objects on the road, and the driver’s movements. So, we can say it is highly associated with the security of the driver and must be up-to-date. 

  • The security camera works best for a long time, but it needs to be replaced or recalibrated when looking for windshield repair or replacement. 
  • So, while searching for windshield repair in Tulsa, you must consider the services of the service-providing company, whether they are professional in installing windshields and recalibration the camera. 

Without recalibration of the camera, the windshield replacement is incomplete, and your car is not safer enough for you.

Camera recalibration, an important part of ADAS

The windshield camera must be proficient in working due to its extensive use. The driver must go for the recalibration of the camera with the windshield replacement and check whether it is working properly. It must move properly at 360 degrees, and the vision must be clear inside or outside the car. As the windshield camera is attached to the ADAS, it is also connected to the sensors and radar with windshield repair in Tulsa.

 The connection with these multiple devices must be properly designed and functioning efficiently. To understand camera recalibration, you must know about the features of ADAS and its link to the camera. It will let you know how important the camera is for your car. 

Types of camera recalibration 

In the modern age, every new car on the road has different wonderful features for security, and you need to explore them properly. The best thing in the car is its front camera which is mounted in the windshield near the front mirror and used for looking behind. So, if we talk about windshield replacement, we must consider camera calibration. 

When your car goes through an accident, its windshield glass is damaged, and you want to get services for windshield repair in Tulsa, you must consider the recalibration of the camera. When you take your car for windshield camera recalibration, you can get two types of camera recalibration: static and dynamic with windshield repair in Tulsa. 

  • Static Calibration 

As the front camera has a connection with the sensors of ADAS, it needs to be perfect for sensing the particular area’s dangers. So, professional recalibration services providers ensure the calibration of the camera in a way that the camera can scan each targeted place like road area, other vehicles, or pedestrians on the road. 

The professional technicians not only leave the car for calibration but they have a test drive to check whether the sensors and camera are working properly by sensing the marked places or not. 

  • Dynamic calibration 

Dynamic recalibration includes focusing on the object moving on the road, whether vehicles or other objects. Dynamic calibration is more advanced for managing the advanced technology of ADAS. The dynamic calibration and camera and sensor system are calibrated to the ongoing system. So, you do not need to focus on specific points as your car’s ADAS will handle them. 

When you visit any windshield repair in Tulsa company, you should discuss your car model and what kind of recalibration will suit it windshield repair in Tulsa. 

Do you need camera calibration or not?

You must be very confident about the decision whether you need camera recalibration or not. It depends on the circumstances and time you have bought the car. If the car is older or has experienced an accident and wants to replace its windshield, you must consider its recalibration. 

It is obvious if your car’s windshield is damaged, so the camera mounting over it is damaged or loses its connection with the ADAS of your car. But if there is no problem with the windshield and the car is quite new, not more than a year old, you do not need to recalibrate the camera. But keep an eye on its working from time to time. 

Is camera recalibration important?

Camera recalibration is most important for your car when it faces an accident and has been more than a year with you because:

  • It is more than a front mirror of a car 
  • Moreover, it shows you more than the views from the back seat or the windshield. 
  • It keeps the driver safer by detecting the danger through sensing it. 

When you replace your car’s windshield, it must not be the same manufacturing company as the car. It must be some different thing, and the calibration of the camera would also be another way. 

What things do you need to do before going through the calibration process?

  • You must fill the petrol tanks at least more than the quarter half. 
  • The car must be empty, i.e., with no heavy things
  • The car must have its original tires 


Recalibration of windshield cameras is a necessary process that you cannot neglect as it keeps the driver safer and controls the proper road driving driver by sensing the turns, vehicles, etc., on the road windshield repair in Tulsa.

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