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Windshield Replacement Tulsa | 4 Post-Replacement Problems

In December 17, 2020

Do you need a windshield replacement Tulsa? Replacing auto glass is a bit of a hassle but essential at the time. A cracked windshield must be replaced as soon as possible because driving with it is a risky job. Small cracks can be repaired, but if the cracks are significant, such as a spider-crack in the driver’s vision line, then getting the windshield replaced by a trusted windshield replacement Tulsa company is the best choice. Although replacing is much costlier than repairing, but do not compromise on it as it directly affects the passengers’ safety who will sit in the car. 

You would want the installation to last long when you go for windshield replacement from a windshield replacement Tulsa company. However, sometimes some auto glass Tulsa repair and replacement companies use low-quality products and do imprecise installation. The windshield replacement Tulsa OK replacement company’s poor technique or carelessness can result in severe and hazardous problems down the road. If your vehicle has undergone an auto glass replacement recently, look for the following four most common post-replacement auto glass issues to check whether the windshield installation of your car was done right or not.

  • Water is seeping inside through the windshield.

After your vehicle has come home from a windshield replacement or repair from a windshield replacement Tulsa company, it is essential to check for water leaks. How can you check this? Well, here are some ways. You can take the vehicle out for a drive on a rainy day, or simply parking your car outside in rains would also suffice the purpose. Check the interior of the car once the rain stops. If you find water seeping inside, that means the windshield replacement was not done correctly by the company. What if it doesn’t rain? Well, don’t worry, here some more ways.

  •   Soapy water test: Make a soapy water solution and pour it on the newly replaced windshield edges. Get inside your vehicle and use an air nozzle, and blow a stream of air along the sides of the windshield. If the windshield leaks, then the air will cause bubbles to appear outside the glass. 
  •   Hose test: Grab a garden hose and start spraying water on the windshield. Ask your friend or anyone else to sit inside the car and carefully observe the edges of the windshield. If the windshield leaks, the person inside will see water seeping inside the car through the borders. 
  • There is a strange noise while driving at higher speeds.

Another sign of an improper replacement of windshield by the windshield replacement Tulsa company is a sudden appearance of a whooshing or similar kind of sound while driving at higher speeds. This sound occurs when the wind gets into the cracks of gaps where the windshield is not fixed correctly or incorrectly installed. Depending upon how carelessly the work was done, this sound varies from being hardly noticeable to very distinct. So after a windshield replacement, if you are going to drive at high speed, turn off the radio and shut the windows. 

  • The glass is visibly blurred.

After a windshield replacement, when you look at your car in sunlight, the windshield glass must appear smooth and clear. If there appear any waves or bumps in the glass, there is a quality issue with the windshield glass. Contact your windshield replacement Tulsa OK company and tell them the problem. 

  • Different shape of windshield installed.

Often windshield replacement companies install the windshields available with them despite the car frame’s shape and structure. Since they do not want to lose out on customers due to the required windshield’s unavailability, they manipulate the ones present with them and attach it. This leads to improper installments, and gaps prevail between the car frame and the glass. 

What Can Be Reason for Such Problems?

  • Installers did not wear gloves.

If technicians and windshield installers don’t wear gloves during the windshield installment, the oils get transferred from the worker’s hand to the glass. If they happen to seep into the urethane adhesive, these oils lower their ability to hold the glass tightly.

  • Only one person was handling the installment process.

Windshield installation requires a minimum of two people for an active process. One technician to hold the glass correctly and others to apply the adhesive step by step. However, if the job is handed over to just one person, there is a fair chance of the windshield not being installed correctly. 

  • Driving the card immediately after the installation.

If your installers give you a ‘green signal’ to drive your car home immediately after the windshield replacement Tulsa, then it’s likely to be a sign that the windshield wasn’t installed properly. Driving immediately after the replacement is never advised as it can cause the urethane adhesive to shift, resulting in misalignment of the glass.

Windshield Replacement Tulsa

If you face a problem with the newly installed windshield, take your car to a reliable auto glass company like GlassworksAutoglass. We shall assess your car glass and recommend you the best advice for the repair and replacement. With the well-trained technicians at GlassworksAutoglass, we assure you of the best windshield repair and replacement services in Tulsa, OK.

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