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Windshield Replacement Tulsa | Laminated vs Tempered Glass

In December 16, 2020

Windshield replacement Tulsa is an integral component of any car. If you are opting for windshield replacement Tulsa or windshield repair in Tulsa, make sure to choose only the best quality windshield for your car. A good quality windshield can keep the temperature inside your car comfortable regardless of the season.

Consequently, opting for a windshield replacement Tulsa, OK, becomes the only feasible option available to you. Tempered and laminated glasses are known to be the two most popular choices when it comes to selecting a durable and strong windshield glass. Both varieties come with unique features, advantages, and limitations. Here is a brief discussion about each of the varieties and which one you should be opting to lend your car an urban look and uncompromised security.

Tempered Windshield vs. Laminate Windshield

The history of the evolution of the windshield has been a long and exciting one. Ever since its first appearance in the market in 1904, windshields have evolved in strength, utility, and appearance. The modern-most windshields hardly resemble the first generation ones in terms of either looks or utilities. With technological advancement, windshields have assumed a more utilitarian built. The latest and probably the two most popular today are tempered and laminated. Here is how these two vary from each other.


As far as making the laminated glasses are concerned, they form two sheets of tempered glasses sandwiched together, keeping a PVB sheet in between. This arrangement ensures that the strength of the glasses gets multiplied. On the flip side, tempered sheets are not fragile at all. A glass-sheet is heated and cooled rapidly to make it tempered. This process of random heating and cooling is called quenching. After quenching, the glass acquires a level of toughness and strength unmatchable with that of the original one.

UV Ray Protection

To protect your car from the harmful UV rays of the sun, the latest windshield comes guarded with tinting that keeps the UV rays at bay. As far as the laminated glasses are concerned, plenty of these come in different tints, making sure that the UV rays do get to enter the car to harm any of the passengers or the driver rising in it.

As the tempered glasses are concerned, these are also available in tinted varieties and offer UV ray protection. The sheets’ thickness varies a large range, and a thick, tinted tempered sheet is more often than not as good as a laminated one. Opt for windshield replacement Tulsa. Choose the windshield variety that offers optimum UV rays protection.


As far as maintenance is concerned, both tempered and laminated glasses bother you the minimum. Both the varieties can be cleaned minus any hassle, and in most cases, you can wash the windshield replacement Tulsa with mild soap water and a clean cloth at home. For deep cleaning, you can take your car to a service center from time to time or hire experts to get over with the cleaning task.

Glass Cutting

As far as the laminates windshields are concerned, you can cut the glasses in any shape you want. If the chosen glass turns out to be a little bigger than what your car needs at the time of windshield replacement Tulsa, OK, any expert mechanic can cut it out neatly to lend it the fitting size.
If cutting the glass to fit size is on your mind, stay away from the tempered glasses. Once the glass is tempered, a single effort to cut it can cause the glass sheet to explode. However, if you have done the necessary cutting before the tempering is done, it can be conducted more easily.


Depending on whether it is repairing or replacing the auto glass in Tulsa, OK, the prices would vary on a large scale. While repairing the laminated and tempered glasses never cost much, buying one can substantially tax you. More importantly, laminated glass would always be more expensive than the tempered one if you opt for the same thickness for both.

Windshield Replacement Tulsa

If you are looking for a windshield replacement Tulsa, we can offer you some of the best varieties at any time. At Glass Work Auto Glass, we keep only the best quality laminated and tempered glasses so that you get to choose from the best assortment.

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